I hold you in the Light


I hold you in the Light. (Quaker prayer)

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“I hold you in the Light” is a beautiful¬† Light in the Window which is suitable for many occasions from an expression of sympathy; to wish someone well for exams; to comfort someone during illness; for the traveller; or to simply remind someone that you are thinking of them.


Hand made in Australia from 100% pure, Australian beeswax
Packaged in a beautiful hand-made bag
Candle jar: 11 cm x 9.2 cm (with lid)
Glass: Frosted
Wax: 275 ml

Every A Light in the Window candle is unique as it has been lovingly handmade and each one comes to you with its own story! You can read more about our special hand woven packaging by visiting this page: Our Bags from Baan Unrak and about our 100% beeswax and why we use it by clicking here: Our Candles. To get the most from your candle and to care for it, we suggest you visit: Candle Care.

Additional information

Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm


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